F.L.I.R.T. LITE January 13 – 15, 2017

Information about the F.L.I.R.T. Lite Tournament.

As of 1:30 PM Eastern Time on Saturday November 6, 2016, the F.L.I.R.T. Lite tournament (January 13 – 15, 2017) is SOLD OUTAll registrations placed after 1:30 PM Eastern Time on Saturday November 6, 2016 will placed on the waiting list.  We will contact those on the waiting list if openings become available.

I have read and understand the F.L.I.R.T. Lite Rules and Regulations and have all the necessary information.

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PayPal F.L.I.R.T. Lite fees must be paid immediately through PayPal to complete the registration process. You can pay for your F.L.I.R.T Lite registration by going to our secure F.L.I.R.T. Lite PayPal site, please be sure to tell us who you are paying for.

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