Tournament Rules

Event Participation
Entering Averages
319a. Conditions that Apply
Attendance and Substitutes
Awards and Prizes
Entry Requirements
Optional Scrtach Division
Scratch Masters


  1. The F.L.I.R.T. 2018 Tournament is a United States Bowling Congress (USBC) sanctioned tournament.  The tournament is a handicapped competition open to men and women by invitation only.
  2. All participants must be a member of USBC and be able to provide proof of membership (current sanction card or signed statement from the League Secretary verifying membership).
  3. Event Participation

  4. The Tournament is a USBC Certified tournament.  F.L.I.R.T. 2018 is a supporter of IGBO® but IGBO membership is not required to bowl in F.L.I.R.T. 2018.
  5. The tournament events shall be handicap events as follows:  Singles, Doubles, and Team.  Optional Scratch, Optional Women’s Handicap, Optional Senior Handicap and Scratch Masters Events will also be offered.
  6. Each participant shall bowl three (3) games per event and must enter and bowl all three events.  No substitutes permitted for a specific event other than that covered in Rule 7.  Teams will consist of four (4) members comprising any combination of men and women.  Men and women will compete on an equal basis.  Doubles partners must come from the same team.
  7. Each participant may bowl only once in each event.
  8. Entering Averages

  9. The following rules shall be used to determine the entering average:
    • The HIGHER of:
      • The highest 2016-2017 book average with a minimum of 21 games, or;
      • The bowler’s IGBO tournament average, with a minimum of 18 games.
    • If none of the above is available, use the highest summer average 2017 minimum of 21 games.
    • If none of the above highest fall league 2017/2018 average with a minimum of 21 games prior to 01/01/2018.
    • If none of the above is available, the entering average shall be 240.
    • Five pin, candlepin, duck pin, sport leagues and composite averages will not be accepted.
    • The above averages must be verified by the use of these resources (as appropriate for the type of average being verified):
      •, and/or;
      • The IGBO website, and/or;
      •, and/or;
      • As a last resort, when none of the above is available, league standing sheet(s), signed and dated by a League Officer or a letter from the League President or Secretary.
    • Any bowler entering the F.L.I.R.T. 2018 Tournament must establish a (10) ten-pin average acceptable to USBC.  (As per USBC rule 319)
    • 319a. Conditions that Apply

    • The following conditions apply to averages in handicap or classified tournaments, unless the tournament rules state otherwise, except that only USBC league averages shall be accepted.  (See USBC Rule 319c for average adjustment.)
      1. The bowler is required to submit the previous season’s highest average of:
        1. A single USBC league average based on a minimum of 21 games; or
        2. A composite average of all USBC leagues, including leagues with less than 21 games bowled.
      2. When the 2016-2017 book average is used, and at the time of bowling an entrant has a current average for 21 or more games that is 10 pins or more higher than the 2016-2017 book average, the current average must be used.
      3. Bowlers are responsible for verifying his/her own average, whether submitted by the bowler, the team captain, or others.  If the submitted average is lower than required and results in a lower classification or more handicap, the bowler’s score is disqualified.  If the submitted average is higher than required, prize winnings will be based on the submitted average.  In the case of a team of two or more bowlers, the averages will be combined to determine if the correct total is higher or lower than the submitted total.
      4. Average corrections can be made up to the end of the bowler’s first game of a series.  Or, if an extension of time has been granted in writing by tournament management before the end of the first game of a series, the correction can be made within 48 hours after the end of the series.
      5. When an association publishes a yearbook, a tournament using previous season averages to determine handicap or classification, shall use the yearbook to verify averages, if furnished, and not require the association to verify averages from that association.
      • PBA card holders MUST BE current IGBO members to participate in F.L.I.R.T. 2018
      • Only ONE PBA cardholder per team
      • PBA exempt bowlers cannot participate in F.L.I.R.T. 2018
    • Any issues not covered in these rules will be resolved by USBC protocol for a final decision to be made by F.L.I.R.T. 2018 tournament directors.
  10. The handicap for the tournament shall be based at 90% of the difference between the bowler’s entering average (see Rule 7) and a scratch score of 240.  Negative handicap will NOT apply.
  11. As of the beginning date of the F.L.I.R.T. 2018 Tournament, any bowler who has qualified for a cash prize of three hundred dollars ($300 US) or more in any single event MUST report all positions, all amounts won and all scores for the previous 12 month period to the Tournament Directors no later than at the time of registration for possible re-rating.  Such re-rating must be done before the entrant bowls (in compliance with IGBO AND USBC rules).  Failure to report this information shall result in AUTOMATIC disqualification and loss of all winnings.  No refunds will be issued for bowlers disqualified.
  12. The Tournament Directors have the authority to adjust the entering average of any bowler.  Average adjustments will be applied as set forth under IGBO and USBC rules.  All average adjustments will be completed prior to the start of each event.  A bowler unwilling to accept an average adjustment is entitled to a refund for that event.
  13. USBC rules regarding the bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her entering average applies to all bowlers, whether submitted by the bowler, the team captain, or other.  Failure to use the proper average shall disqualify scores if the submitted average is lower than the actual average, resulting in a lower classification and/or increased handicap.  Prize winnings shall be based on the higher average if it is higher than the entering average.  (USBC rule 319)
  14. Attendance and Substitutes

  15. It is solely and entirely the bowler’s responsibility to be present at the assigned lanes at the time of bowling.  Each bowler shall have the total responsibility to arrive in time to bowl.  Mechanical failures, transportation irregularities, improper directions and related reasons DO NOT alter the application of Rules 13 and 14 below (USBC rules will apply).
  16. Complete doubles and team entrants must be present for bowling each event.  Substitutes can only be used in the case of absence due to a medical emergency.  Once a substitute is installed for medical emergency that substitute must complete all remaining games for all remaining events.  All non-emergency absences will result in a zero score for the missing bowler or bowlers.
  17. Late bowlers will begin bowling in the frame in which they are ready, with prior frames being scored as zero.  No practice balls will be allowed.
  18. Substitutes may bowl at the discretion of the Tournament Directors.  Their entering averages must comply with the rules previously stated.  Substitutes must complete an entry form.
  19. Bowlers will be allowed ten (10) minutes of practice before the start of the Singles, Doubles, and Team events.
  20. Awards and Prizes

  21. All cash awards shall be based on the Total Pins PLUS assigned handicap for each event (with exception of the Optional Scratch and Scratch Masters Divisions).
  22. Awards will be given in the Handicap Division for the best Singles, Doubles, Teams and Individual All Events. Individual All Events is defined as the nine (9) game total including handicap of an individual bowler.
  23. The award ratio for the Handicap Division shall be a minimum of 1:10.
  24. Awards in the Optional Scratch Divisions shall be given for the Best Single Game from any of the events, Best Three (3) Game Series from any of the events, and Best All Events (nine game totals).
  25. The award ratio for the Optional Scratch Divisions shall be at a minimum of 1:20 per division.
  26. Prizes will be distributed via check payable in U.S. currency within thirty (30) days of the completion of the tournament, barring any protests. A tie in any position will result in the sum of the prizes being aggregated for the tie positions and divided equally by the number of ties for that placing. Prize funds will be based on 100% participation.
  27. 100% of the prize fund from each division in the optional Scratch Divisions shall be returned to that division.
  28. Entry Requirements

  29. Only online entries will be accepted.  Once an entry is received there will be NO REFUNDS except as stated in Rule 10.  Entries shall be limited to a maximum 224 bowlers.  Once this maximum has been reached, no more entries will be accepted. F.L.I.R.T. 2018 will sell out at 56 teams.  Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis.  Entrant acceptance will be based on the order the entries are received using THE COMPLETE team payment.  Entry deadline is January 1, 2018.
  30. Partial team entries will be accepted and the Tournament Directors will make every effort to fill vacancies.
  31. Entry Fee for F.L.I.R.T. 2018 will be $110.00:
  32. Prize Fund $22.75
    Lineage $25.00
    Awards $11.00
    Banquet $47.50
    Miscellaneous Expense $3.00
    IGBO Dues $0.75
    Total $110.00
    • Payments can only be made online using PayPal when registering, no checks or money orders accepted.  A $0.00 fee will be applied for using PayPal.
  33. Any person attending requiring special needs MUST notify the Tournament Directors in writing when the application is submitted.
  34. The team captain MUST sign the entry form acknowledging he/she has read and understands the rules.
  35. All rules will be covered by USBC.
  36. Protests

  37. Any claims of errors or disputes must be submitted in writing by the protesting bowler(s) to Tournament Directors within (1) one hour (60 minutes) after completion of last match.  The Tournament Directors shall settle the dispute according to F.L.I.R.T. 2018 Tournament rules and USBC Tournament rules.
  38. All other USBC rules will apply.
  39. Optional Scratch Division

  40. Optional Scratch Divisions will be offered to all participants using six (6) divisions as determined by entering average (see Rule 7).
  41. The Optional Scratch Divisions shall be as follows:
  42. Division Average
    A 0 to 159
    B 160 to 179
    C 180 to 194
    D 195 to 204
    E 205 to 214
    F 215 and above
  43. Scores used for the Optional Scratch Divisions shall be those Scratch games (without handicap) as bowled in the Handicap Division of the tournament.  Entry Fee is $25.00 for all Divisions.
  44. Scratch Masters Rules

  45. The Scratch Masters event, in conjunction with the F.L.I.R.T. 2018 Tournament, is a competition open to men and women by invitation only.
  46. Tournament Directors may place a bowler in a higher division at their discretion.  Any adjustments of this type will be made before the entrant bowls.  The six (6) game scratch Singles/Doubles totals will be used to determine the top six (6) qualifiers in each division.  Scores do not carry over into Scratch Masters.  In case of a tie for the last qualifying spot a 9th and 10th frame roll off will be bowled.  If a tie remains, sudden death, one ball/high count will determine top six.
  47. Scratch Masters Divisions will be offered to all participants using six (6) divisions as determined by entering average (see Rule 7).  The Scratch Masters Divisions and Entry Fees for the divisions are as follows:
  48. Division Average Entry Fee
    A 0 to 159 $35.00
    B 160 to 179 $35.00
    C 180 to 194 $40.00
    D 195 to 204 $45.00
    E 205 to 214 $50.00
    F 215 and above $50.00
  49. The top six (6) qualifiers in each division will bowl step-ladder format starting with 6th and 5th place with the winner moving on.  The higher ranked player chooses to finish first or last.  Two (2) practice balls will be allowed before each game for the two players bowling that game. A warm-up lane will be provided for the players waiting to bowl.
  50. A lane schedule will be given to each division prior to the start of competition.  No exceptions.  The bowlers are responsible for checking if they have qualified. Sheets will be posted at the bowling center, on the FLIRT Facebook group, and at the Host Bar Saturday, January 13, 2018.
  51. Payout will be 100%.
  52. The match game competition will begin at 1:00 PM on Sunday January 14, 2018 at bowling center for all Divisions.
  53. A bowler who is not available to bowl at the scheduled time will be disqualified and the alternate will replace him/her.
  54. Bowlers must check in thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled shift (12:30 PM).
  55. Any claims of error in the roll-off competition must be submitted before the start of the next match.  In case of an error in the final match, any claims of error must be reported within one (1) hour after the end of the last match.